Say hello to Moniflo ...

I am thrilled to share an exciting new chapter for invesTRe – the birth of our first app, Moniflo, a revolutionary mobile investing app that is not only set to transform the way people invest but also to reshape the landscape of sustainable investments. Just as language is the core of human expression, Moniflo aims to become the cornerstone of responsible and forward-looking investing.

From the very beginning, we at Investre have strived to do more than just create another investment platform. We have aimed to pioneer and lead, to tread paths that may seem uncharted, but hold immense potential for meaningful impact. Much like the sentiment expressed by Larry Page when he introduced Alphabet Inc., we understand that true growth comes when we are willing to embrace discomfort and venture into the unknown.

Moniflo is not just an app; it's a vision realised. With our unique blockchain-based custody system, we're ensuring that  investments are not just safe and secure, but also completely transparent. This groundbreaking technology underscores our commitment to transparency and accountability, two vital aspects in the world of sustainable investing.

Our world is changing, and so are our priorities. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Moniflo is not merely an investing app – it's a statement of our dedication to sustainable investments. We believe in empowering you to invest in companies that are not only financially viable but also environmentally responsible and socially conscious. We are confident that this approach isn't just a trend, but the future of investing.

Moniflo will enable people to invest with purpose and intention. We want to help anyone achieve your financial goals while also contributing positively to the world we share. Our platform is designed to put sustainable investment opportunities at anyone’s fingertips, giving the tools to make informed decisions that align with values.

At invesTRe, we are committed to taking the long-term view, because we understand that the most meaningful changes don't happen overnight. Moniflo represents our unwavering dedication to providing you with investment options that have the power to shape industries and create lasting impact.

We are excited about:

-Pioneering the future of investing with blockchain-based custody.

-Empowering you to invest sustainably and responsibly.

-Leading the charge in shaping a new era of financial opportunities.

- Enhancing the transparency and accountability of your investments.

- Focusing on what truly matters – your financial well-being and our shared planet.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. We look forward to exploring the world of sustainable investments with you through Moniflo. Together, we are not just investing; we are building a future we can all be proud of.

Best regards,

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Georges Bock
CEO and Founder, InvesTRe